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4 Impact Consulting is a social impact firm that provides culture-influencing organizational development services designed to build, repair & position nonprofit teams for impact and growth.

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Deneisha Thompson, LMSW, MA 
Founder & Owner

Work Better, Together!

Our services help nonprofit teams to Work Better Together, and meaningfully increase their impact! Our organizational development work centers around 4 pillars. They are: Executive Leadership Development, Nonprofit Strategy, Team & Organizational Communication and Team Professional Development.


These pillars guide our services and work together to improve organizational culture and impact.


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Does Your Non-Profit…

Struggle to compete for funding, develop strategies, hit targets or make meaningful impact?

Have dysfunctional teams or a toxic work culture?

Need professional development that sticks?

Have executive leadership who spend time on things that don't increase impact or growth?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions, We can help!

Our Services

Support Group

Strengthen Your Team, End Team Dysfunction & Increase Your Impact

Our Conflict Management/Resolution, JEDI, Retreats, Strategic Planning and Team Building services help teams to get out of their own way, build team cohesion, purposefully plan and prepare to increase their impact.

  • We curate transformational experiences for teams.

  • These services are are guided by experienced consultants and facilitators and customized based on the need of each client.

  • We include technical assistance and work to build internal organizational capacity to ensure progress can be sustained long after the service has come to an end.

 Coaching &
Leadership Development
for Nonprofit Executives

​ These confidential services designed to build and support the leadership of nonprofit EDs & CEOs.

  • Offered virtually and in person, our executive coaching services are customized to meet the specific needs of each leader.

  • Each session follows a 5-step process which includes opportunities for reflection, goal-setting, planning, trouble-shooting and improvement.

  • This service comes with access to our virtual classroom where clients can take assessments & courses to support their learning and growth.

  • Options for monthly, bi-weekly or weekly sessions are available

  • Clients may also opt to take advantage of direct, any-time access to a dedicated helpline for support when they need it in between sessions.

Online Conference

Learn & Grow Together with
Team Professional Development

Sharing Ideas

Our model for designing and facilitating professional development sessions and courses ensures your team gets "training that sticks!"

  • We offer virtual, asynchronous & in-person professional development services.

  • Get access to our virtual classroom for your entire team and deepen the learning with Zoom or in-person session.

  • Select from core and premium courses hosted by talented facilitators

  • Build team connectivity and keep important conversations going using the forum

  • Keep your team engaged and connected with gamified & incentivized training courses 

  • Earn points, badges, certificates, reward & climb the team leaderboard

  • Request customizations or a custom course for your team


Schedule a Consultation

Due to the volume of requests we receive, live consultations are only offered upon completion of our Electronic Consultation. Please take a few minutes to complete it. You will then receive an email that contains details about our services, pricing information and a calendar link to set up a phone or video consultation. 

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