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About Us

A Note from our Founder

In the nonprofit world, the struggle to make meaningful impact is REAL!  Whether you are a foundation, direct-service, grassroots or other "people-serving" organization, nonprofits need strong, focused and cohesive teams now more than ever in order to thrive and achieve the type of impact that communities deserve and need from your work. Let's face it, our work toward a more just and equitable society is under siege on many fronts. The time to invest in organizational development that builds, repairs and positions your team for impact and growth is NOW! On a personal note, as a Black woman who was born and raised in the Bronx to immigrants parents, I live a life that centers the phrase, "To whom much is given, much is required." Having worked at every level of the nonprofit sector, I became a nonprofit consultant to help organizations “walk the talk” and get out of their own way. Here at 4 Impact Consulting, our North Star is present in our name. We do this work for the impact we want to see nonprofits make in the communities they serve each day. We invite you to browse our site, complete the electronic consultation and connect with us. We’d love to help you!



We started as Rent-N-Expert, a NYC-based social impact firm aimed at impacting the greater good.


We changed our name pivoted our service model, expanded our services & began taking on clients outside of NYC.


Our main office relocated to Atlanta.

We also hit a facilitation milestone of leading over 500 successful meetings, retreats & trainings.


A pandemic changed everything! We completed a service pivot, rebranded as

4 Impact Consulting and grew our team.


We opened an office in Tampa, built our Virtual Classroom & added over a dozen new people to our awesome team.

Our Values


We live in an unjust world and feel a sense of urgency around contributing to meaningful change. We only accept clients who are working towards creating a more just and equitable society.



We will tell you the truth and provide our best thinking and recommendations whether or not we think it is what you want to hear. We are clear about where we do and do not have expertise. We ensure our clients are always in the best hands, and work to ensure there are never any surprises except for exceeding your expectations! We respect people, communities, and staff. We are fierce advocates for doing right by EVERYONE and call out harmful behaviors and practices when we see them.

Our Values


liberty icon.png

We believe in liberation values which help us to create environments where Authenticity, Belonging, Truth-telling, Self-determination, Inclusion and Equity are valued and woven into every aspect of our work. Much of our work is centered on organizational development through the lens of partnership development, economic mobility, black liberation, community development and fighting the “isms” with a particular focus on racism. We believe in anti-racist principles, disrupt the status quo and practice acts of resistance DAILY.


We take pride in our services and work product. We seek to provide our clients with an exceptional experience that provides meaningful and transformative impact.

Our Model & Approach

Our Model & Approach

LTD Model (3).png

Developed by a social worker & behavior specialist, our service model uses the art and science of behavior change to help nonprofit teams collectively increase their impact. Our model helps teams to build connections and make better decisions...every single time!  And, because we know that "doing" without learning or critical thinking can be more harmful than helpful, our model follows a simple formula we call Learn. Think. Do. We teach organizations how to use this model and it is present in all of our services.  Our direct yet empathic and "Do No Harm" approach is grounded in our respect for people and the work they do each day. We create engaging and brave spaces to connect, learn, innovate, grow and improve.

Work Better, Together!

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