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Our Services

We believe a healthy organizational culture is needed to build strong teams positioned to achieve and scale meaningful impact. Our organizational development work centers around 4 pillars. These pillars guide our services and work together to improve organizational culture and impact. They are:  

  1. Executive Leadership Development  

  2. Nonprofit Strategy 

  3. Team & Organizational Communication  

  4. Team Professional Development  

​Our services include executive coaching, in-person and virtual professional development, strategic planning and team-building. We also offer JEDI (justice, equity, diversity & inclusion) services on a limited & selective basis. We guide & support nonprofit executives with building and supporting teams that are diverse, dynamic & cohesive so everyone can back to focusing on what’s most important... mission, impact & growth.   Our practice uses the art and science of behavior change to improve organizational communication, culture, planning and systems. Our services are provided in virtual, in-person and in hybrid formats.

Online Class

Executive Leadership Development & Coaching

Our confidential executive coaching services are designed to build and support the leadership of nonprofit EDs and CEOs. Our coaching services are customized to meet the specific need of each leader using our 5-step process which includes opportunities for reflection, goal-setting, planning, trouble-shooting and improvement. Based on service level, coaching takes place asynchronously through our online classroom, virtually using zoom or in a hybrid manner. In-person options are also available. Clients may also opt to take advantage of direct, any-time access to a dedicated helpline for support when they need it.

Professional Development

Sending individual staff members to training can be helpful, but it rarely translates to improvements at an organizational level. Our team-focused professional development caters to all learning styles and is designed to provide mission-driven teams with the knowledge and skills necessary for organizational development, culture building/shifting and growth as a team. Our courses are engaging, fun and provide opportunities to build community among learners. Simply put, our professional development services provide meaningful team training that sticks!    Learning as a team offers tremendous opportunities and benefits to teams. It can be used to ensure that your entire team, is learning the same information and growing TOGETHER. We offer asynchronous, virtual & in-person training opportunities for nonprofit teams. We provide access to an online virtual classroom that is gamified and incentivized to ensure staff enjoy and remain committed to the learning process. Clients can choose from existing courses or request a custom course for their team.

Virtual Team Meeting
Team Hugging
Business Plan

Strategic Planning

Our model for strategic planning takes teams through a process of honest reflection, purposeful dialogue, intentional planning and aligned accountability, all with the guidance of an experienced consultant. Our 5-step strategic planning process includes consultation, assessment, action-planning, technical assistance & follow-up. It is customized to meet the specific needs of each client and designed to help your organization develop a meaningful plan that will increase your impact.

Team-building & Conflict Management/Resolution

Our team-building and conflict management/resolution services focus on improving and strengthening teams so they are more focused, cohesive and impactful. At a time when our society needs more of us to have courageous and honest conversations, this work centers around creating brave and confidential spaces to help people, teams and groups successfully navigate tough or necessary conversations in order to effectively plan & collectively improve their impact. We host team-building experiences for teams of all sizes. We help teams build the capacity to better manage and resolve conflict through a process called TeamChat. The Team Chat process is a change-centered experience that uniquely combines four components to restore health to your team. A TeamChat can be designed for teams of any size and take place over one or more sessions. TeamChats are engaging, interactive and designed using our Learn. Think. Do. model and "Do No Harm" approach.

Team Building Session


Our retreats are fun, engaging, deep-dive experiences that provide teams with opportunities for reflection, learning, listening, and planning in meaningful ways that move the needle. 


All retreat packages include: 

  • Consultation

  • Retreat Design

  • Materials Development

  • Retreat Facilitation

  • Follow-up

  • Technical Assistance

  • Administrative Support

Session in Progress


Our Justice, Equity & Inclusion (JEDI) work helps groups and teams to DO BETTER and outpace the competition by building trauma-informed spaces that honor difference, cultivate bright ideas, value authenticity and welcome courageous conversations.

Our race-equity work helps groups and teams to understand the history of race, racism and anti-blackness in America so they can develop anti-racist spaces, behaviors, practices and systems. JEDI & race-equity services are currently offered (on a limited and selective basis) in a customized combination of the following service types: Board Development, Staff Professional Development, Organizational Assessments, Implementation of a Change Process for Culture and Behavior Shifts, Facilitation of Courageous Conversations and Virtual Classroom Access.

Graphic Designers
Technical Assistance Services

We also provide curated information and direct support to leadership teams and staff, as necessary.

Electronic Consultation

Due to the volume of requests we receive, live consultations are only offered upon completion of our Electronic Consultation. Please take a few minutes to complete it. You will then receive an email that contains details about our services, pricing information and a calendar link to set up a phone or video consultation. 

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