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Anca Castillo

Anca Castillo

Partner Consultant

Anca was born and raised in Romania and grew up in Alaska. She received her bachelors in Kinesiology and her masters in Business Management from ASU.

Having received her Six Sigma Green Belt Certification, Anca co-created The ASU Spark Method™ with other design colleagues at ASU and recently launched Design Convo LLC utilizing a proprietary conversation design framework called ConvoX . ConvoX is a conversation design framework focused guiding individuals and teams through a collaborative, action-oriented, and solution-generating process.

Most recently, Anca was an Innovation & Design Fellow with the University Design Institute where she creating a next generation leadership program for university leaders. She has also been working on co-authoring a book that explores how leaders in higher education can "think like designers". She is a certified Human Centered Design practitioner and a certified executive storytelling facilitator and coach.

Anca’s speciality areas include: Conversations Design & Facilitation, Human Centered Design Experience, Design, Strategic & Executive Storytelling, Leadership Development, Visual Thinking Strategies (VTI), Designing Strategy, Visual Data Storytelling, Workshop and Program Development, Public Speaking and Presenting, as well as Using Art & Improvisation to build teams and cultures.

Outside of work, Anca likes to travel, spend time with her family, do DIY projects, and be as crafty as possible. Anca has been a professional dancer/performer for 16+ years and has performance with various groups and organizations around the U.S. Her past performance experience fuels her love to speak in front of people and facilitate ideation sessions.

Favorite Quote- "Stories are the one sure way I know to touch the heart and change the world." ~Dorothy Allison


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