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Linda King

Linda King

Partner Consultant

As a Facilitator and Speaker, Linda helps frustrated, stuck, or confused individuals learn who they are, develop who they want to be and expand who they can become.

Linda knows first-hand what it takes to navigate the journey of discovering not just how “great you are” but what keeps you from being great.

Linda has over 25 years in the learning and development field; having worked for various industries. She has held positions as Corporate Training Manager, Master Trainer and Manager of Leadership, Education and Development. She has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources Development and a master’s in Organizational Communication & Development.

In 2008 Linda took a leap of faith and started her consulting practice: Perfecting You Enterprise. Her clients include Kaiser Permanente, Yum Brands, Novelis, McKesson, AT&T, Southern Company, Saudi Electricity Company, to name a few. Her expertise as a facilitator has been pivotal in leadership and management development initiatives. Her knowledge of how to engage an audience is unrivaled in the industry. Participants describe her facilitation style as, “engaging, personable, enthusiastic, interactive, passionate, motivating, and compelling!”

Linda’s vision is to help individuals maximize where they are, personally, professionally, and spiritually, by knowing who they are. “We spend so much of our life learning what we do, that we end up knowing more about our profession than we know about ourselves!”

Favorite Quote- "Do you want it right or do you want it rushed?"


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